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19. února 2009 v 15:04 | ToHo |  Golf&Mike
Real name : Pichaya Nitipaisalkul
Birthdate : 20.Februar 1987
Ethic/Nationality : Thai
Religion : Buddhist
Sibling : 5 sibling the 3rd
School : Ruamrudee International School
Sport : Basketball
Personalities : cheerful, easy-going, funny
Musical talents : guitar, singing
Hobbies : drawing, Breakdance
Favourite artists : Usher, Cheong Ji Hoon (Rain), Michael Jackson
Fave music : R&B, Hip Hop, Pop Rock
Style of dressing : T-shirt , jcket and wristband
Fave cloth : comfortable
Fave bag : Quicksilver, Billabong
Fave shoes : G-Unit, Adidas
Fave color : pale blue, pale brown
Fave dish : somtam
Fave pet : dog
Hated / feared animals : spider, cockroach
Fave genre of movie : action
Fave read : manga
Ideal girl : good person, pretty, careful
Fave destinations : Japan, Golf´s house
Close friend in the estertainment fied : the G-Junior friends
Ambition : To be a singer
Future : To be a popular singer
Motto : Make the best of today and tomorrow too.
Auditioned : G-Junior # (2002)
Debuted : November 2005


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